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International Association of Medicine




  • Promote the development of occupations and scientific activities of medical and pharmaceutical professionals.

  • Improving the quality of medical care provided to the population of Ukraine.

  • Integration of the Ukrainian healthcare system with the standards of the European Union.



  • Promoting the introduction of generally accepted international standards in the medical profession in Ukraine.
  • Facilitating the growth of the professional level of health workers through professional development and practical skills, and improving medical education, developing creative potential and realizing the right of each physician to intellectual work and its results.
  • Facilitating the improvement of organization of the basic forms and methods of providing medical aid.
  • Promoting international and national analysis and evaluation of methods for diagnosing and treating various types of diseases, developing recommendations for their practical use.
  • Promoting the adaptation of the health care and healthcare system of Ukraine in line with the requirements of the European Union.
  • Conduct in accordance with the statutory activities of the Organization educational programs, training courses, seminars, medical conferences, symposia in the field of health care and health care.Promoting the cooperation of Ukrainian doctors with foreign colleagues.




Могильний Олег Григорович

Mogilniy Oleg
Director of the «Medical Educational Group» Ltd.


Лимарева Лариса Павлівна

Lymareva Larisa
Director of the NGO «International Association of Medicine»


Пасічник Наталія Володимирівна

Pasichnyk Natalya
Conferencing Manager


Бараннік Артем Ігорович

Barannik Artem
Conferencing Manager